Today’s Movie Overlords

Imagine this; you just saw a new movie that you had been excited to see for almost a year and you see that the critics have given it horrible reviews, which annoys you a lot. Maybe this is a true scenario for you, but the real question is; are the critics right?Many movies have gotten good reviews from the audience but aren’t recommended because of critics.Especially ones with action or comedy.

Take Ace Ventura Pet Detective, a comedy from 1994 starring the famous actor from several movies, Jim Carrey. On the website Rotten Tomatoes the critics’ score was 45% while the audience’s was 57%.

Another movie was a romantic comedy from 2007 called Because I Said So that got an audience score of sixty five percent while the critics score was five percent. 

These examples prove that not only have the critics underrated movies that were good, but also that they were completely wrong.

Critics have also projected negative opinions on audiences. They will give a bad review to a movie which makes people not want to even try it. Sometimes people turn to critics when they haven’t even watched the movie. Therefore, some movies have have gotten bad reviews  and actually been bad, but other times, the critics are just lunatics.