4chan is a very popular website with much controversy. Most things you know of that originated on the internet started there.

Many things have happened on this website. It started the hoaxes such “iWave” and “iBend” which were where they convinced people that you can put your phone into the microwave to charge it, or just bend it for no reason. These hoaxes lead to the destruction of many iPhones.

The recent shooter of a college in Oregon posted on the site the night before the event warning people in Oregon not to go to school the next morning. Many internet jokes have come from the website. You may recognize “Pepe the Frog.” It is a very famous thing. The website is actually currently blocked at our school as a malicious website.

It is the closest thing to the Deep Web that you can get to without actually going there. A US military official was arrested for downloading child pornography from the website.

4Chan is made up of many “boards” where people post images or text. They all have different topics. All of these boards are completely anonymous. There is no information on who posted what. This came into issue when a man posted coordinates on the site and a man went to them. He then went missing and was found dead.

The website was created by Christopher “moot” Poole. He was 15 years old (too young to go on his own website by his rules.) He created it to talk to other people about anime. He had no idea what it would turn into and what it would cause.


For information on the Deep Web, check out Julian Spiro’s article here.