DJ Khaled: Pop Culture Sensation

DJ Khaled is a pop culture sensation, with his Snapchat and other social media accounts having millions of followers.

DJ Khaled, or Khaled bin Abdul Khaled, is a multimillionaire, but his wealth is hard earned. He has released many ridiculously popular songs (All I Do is Win, We Takin’ Over, etc.), but the thing DJ Khaled is most known for is his snapchat.

Recently, Khaled has been livestreaming his life over the social media platform, and is known for showing of his abundant amounts of money and bad catchphrases. Some of his most common quotes are: “Another One,” “We the Best,” and “they don’t want us to win.” Khaled’s snapchat is often filled with short videos of him talking with other popular artists, getting a massage, or saying the same thing over and over to his 16 sneaker mogul, Ben. DJ Khaled and his snapchat are most known for an event that happened on December 14, 2015. DJ Khaled decided to jet ski to his friend Rick Ross’ mansion. When Khaled arrived at Rick Ross’ mansion, they both began snapchatting and talking for most of the day. Later, Khaled got on his jet ski and began the journey home, despite the fact that the sun was setting. Khaled was riding his jet ski until it became too dark to see. Lost, DJ Khaled pulled out his phone and livestreamed his predicament to snapchat. DJ Khaled began saying “the key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark” and “this is against the law.” DJ Khaled finally got home, though it took many hours, because instead of calling for help, he snapchatted his problem.

Although DJ Khaled no longer spins records for popular artists (or have the name Arab Attack), he is still a pop culture sensation, because of his snapchat.