Jesse Biddle: Taking a Step Back

In 2010, Jesse Biddle, senior at GFS at the time, was first round draft pick for the Philadelphia Phillies. He went to play for the Lakewood Blueclaws in single A. He did well, becoming the #2 prospect for the Phillies. The next year, 2012, he became #1. But sadly, he never made it to the majors, after a rough triple-A debut.

Up until lately, Biddle had been on the 40 man roster, meaning he could be moved up to the majors at any time, which would put him on the 25 man roster. But when he got Tommy John surgery, the Phillies decided to move him off the 40 man roster to make room for another player. This means that either he could accept being moved back down into the Phillies minor league system, or make himself a free agent, although he would probably only get a deal with a minor league team. He has been snapped up by the Pittsburg Pirates to play in their system.

Before this happened, Jesse came to a GFS sixth grade meeting or business. On the agenda, there was some Q:A, but there ended up being a dance party and a nap being added. (Sadly only the Q:A and the dance party happened.) In the Q:A, a student asked what his reaction to being drafted was. Biddle told a story that was somewhat like this.

He said that he had been at his house, with his family and a bunch of friends. He was sitting on the floor, because he was too nervous to sit in a chair. When the Phillies announced that he was their first round draft pick, he remembered falling backwards, and all his friends and his dad jumping on him. In the five minutes that followed, he got a text message from just about everyone he knew.

Hopefully, Biddle will get back to pitching well for the Pirates now, but until then, this is the situation.