The Deep Web

With the consistent rise of the Internet in everyday use, there is bound to be some shady stuff. 

And most of that is already known. It’s very easy to find a lot of this kind of stuff, with pornography, gore, scams and fraudulent activity and similar. However, there is a lot more than just what is on the “surface web”. Through the TOR project browser, a government funded project, there is a lot more than what you think, and, while it’s not all bad, there is quite a lot of very illegal things. The kicker is, however, that the whole thing was government funded.

The Tor Project, the host of the Deep or Dark Web, is a browser much like Google Chrome or Safari, except it offers complete anonymity and privacy. Instead of routing your computer directly to a server, it randomly sends your info through a random path, making it virtually untraceable. Which, is a good thing for many things. This allowed the government do do many things with less risks, and on the surface, TOR is great. However, then you get to the .onion websites. These are the sites only accessible on TOR, and not all of them are great.

They, include, but are not limited to, sites with child pornography, incredibly violent imagery–some of which relates to cannibalism– and black markets with narcotics and weapons.

The most famous of these sites, called the Silk Road, is the largest online narcotic distributor. The Silk Road was originally shut down in October 2015, but was relaunched as Silk Road 2.0 when the original administrators restarted it even after the leader was arrested. It was shut down again in late 2014, as, again, the leader was arrested. Throughout the history of the site, there has been lots of lies and corruption. On February 1st 2016, the lead investigator was re-arrested for corruption.

There are many other illegal websites, including the largest black market gun distributor. While the Silk Road seems to have been quieted to an extent, the Deep Web is still a major problem for the government, with black markets, drug sales, and incredibly inappropriate imagery.