Google’s Deepest Secrets

Companies such as Google and Apple are known for their consumer products and investments, but recently both companies have been taking part in many more secretive creations. Google has the renowned “Google X” division made specifically for products and ideas that are a long way from being a consumer product or need extra time to be improved. One idea that came out of Google X that everybody knows is the Google self driving car, a idea that became a reality in a matter of years.

Current projects include Project Loon, Makini, and project Wing. They are all highly secretive projects that are worked on in a unmarked building a mile from the main Googleplex campus in Mountain View California. All of these projects set out to change technology and the lives of many through new technology and evolving old technology.

Project Loon is Google’s plan to use air balloons to beam wifi down to nations that do not have any way to get wifi. Google’s normal development team created Android One a cheap android phone that could make the most out of the spotty signals in rural areas around the world. Google plans to use these phones and their Project Loon idea to connect everybody in the world with a wifi signal and a way to connect with other people.

Makini is a prototype for a kite that could produce energy via wind at a much faster rate then any wind turbine due to its more aerodynamic body and access to stronger winds. This is a prototype but Google has hopes for it to be a cheaper and more accessible energy producer.

Finally, Google wing is a idea for a drone delivery system that could compete with similar ideas from Amazon and Chinese mogul Alibaba. All of these projects are worked on by the top minds in Google and only the top members of Google and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) get status updates on these projects and others that are still in development phases. Companies like Google have worked on these projects since Google X’s creation in 2010.

Since the split of Google into Google and its parent company Alphabet, Google X has taken on more long term projects while short term projects such as Google glass have received their own division. Google has chosen to use this division in order to pursue far off or more difficult goals that will take longer to attain. Very few reporters have seen inside the headquarters, but those who do say they are creating the future in technology and working to improve our everyday lives.