Lil BUB, A Social Media Sensation

It’s a mystery how some videos become viral. A random laughing baby gets ten million views.  How? Crazy reactions to opening presents, people walking into poles while texting, and major fails become viral. Is it the mere act of “Hey look at this video I saw,” or the suggested videos section on Youtube, or even social media in general?

Lil BUB is an social media sensation, but how did her one video somehow help raise $300,000 for disabled animals? Lil BUB is the purrfect example of how social media can be rewarding.

Lil BUB is a celebrity cat with a disease called osteoporosis. She was the runt of a otherwise healthy litter. Mike Bridavsky adopted her. She has no teeth (so her tongue sticks out) and six toes on each paw. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes Lil BUB’s bones to grow progressively denser as she grows older, making it hard for her to get around. Doctors told her she might not be able to live for long.

But BUB didn’t stop at that. The cat and her “dude,” owner Bridavsky, started a fund to help animals in need. They called it Lil BUB’s BIG Fund. A portion of the profits from Lil BUB’s Lil Shop goes to the fund, including tickets for meet-and-greets. The shop sells everything from shirts to pottery to collectibles to vinyl records. Also, donations are accepted.

Lil BUB has raised over $300,000. The money goes to Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary, which offers disabled or disadvantaged cats a better chance for adoption. How amazing is it that such a small cat, who may never have lived a full life, has helped so, so many other cats? It just makes us feel meowgical.