Peyton Manning: Going Out Strong

On Sunday, February 7, one of the biggest and most popular events in sports took place. The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers faced off in the 50th Super Bowl that day. But who actually won?

Denver’s 39 year old QB, Peyton Manning, was in the last year of his career as a football player and lucky for him, he came away with a nice big trophy. The Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10, which was a bit of a surprise, seeing that Carolina had a better record of 17-2, up against Denver’s 15-4.

The broncos scored first after marching up the field and only just being stopped, and being forced to go for a 34-yard field goal to start them off. It was only three points, but Broncos fans were still excited. From that point on, the Denver Broncos never trailed.

As always, the Denver defense dominated, especially linebacker Von miller. He racked up 2.5 sacks making his way to super bowl MVP. (.5 meaning that he knocked Cam Newton one way, and then another player finished him off.) They kept Cam and his Panthers to a touchdown and a field goal. Peyton Manning on the other hand, racked up 3 touchdowns and a field goal, setting himself up for another super bowl ring.

Next year, the Broncos will still certainly be a good team, but they have been struck a serious blow with the loss of their star QB, Peyton Manning. And the path will open up to a different team, to go all the way. (Probably!)