Rubik’s cubes: the phenomenon

Ever wondered how to solve a Rubik’s cube? This crazy puzzle has become quite popular in the GFS middle school, resulting in a ban on the toy in classrooms.  

Sean Hamer, the GFS Middle School principal, has banned Rubik’s cubes in all middle school classrooms as of February. This was due to distractions in class and students paying more attention to the toy than teachers.

In eighth grade about three to five people per class have had these toys on their desks. Like silly bands a few years ago, Rubik’s cubes are the new fad.

But really, what’s the allure? For most people this is an impossible puzzle that can only be agonized over. In general, this toy is either loved or hated. For others who know the algorithm, the toy is a way to show off to peers and a fun way to pass the time. There are many many different kinds of cubes available. Either gold or full of crazy patterns, these devices are liked in GFS right now. But really, how do you solve it?

There are apps and websites giving away the secret algorithms to solving the fabled puzzle. Here is one solution:

These toys are endlessly frustrating, yet so satisfying. Unlike a regular puzzle, they can almost never be solved without a specific solution. But once you solve it, you will earn the admiration of your peers.