Could Living in Space be Reality?

Scott Kelly staying in space for about a year is amazing for NASA, but something makes it even better. Scott Kelly has an identical twin. 

It seems insane that anyone would ever be able to live in space, but it could be possible. No one has ever known if being in space could change your body in a dangerous way because there would be no way to test. When Scott Kelly came back after a year in space, NASA realized something. Scott Kelly and his identical twin would have the same DNA before Scott went into space. If there were any changes after Scott landed it would be shown if compared to his twin’s. There will be many different studies including Human Physiology, Behavioral Health, Microbiology and Molecular.

The Human Physiology will show the affects spaceflight might have on the different organs like the brain, muscles or heart. Behavioral Health will focus on reasoning, perception, decision making and alertness. Microbiology will explore the brothers’ dietary differences. Lastly, Molecular will investigate the way genes in the cells are turned on and off as a result of spaceflight. In order to test there will be biological samples on Scott and (his brother) Mark Kelly like blood, urine and saliva.

After these many tests are concluded and results are gathered, scientists everywhere may be able to see whether having your home in space is not just for Science Fiction characters.