How Does The Baseball Season Work?

Currently in the baseball season, the teams are in what we call the regular season. Teams should play 162 games in a season. The regular season isn’t really anything except for teams playing each other to get ready for the playoffs. The only important thing about this part of the season is that how well the teams play decides whether or not they make the playoffs. Even though people think that the regular season because because of that, but really, that doesn’t really come into play (pun not intended) until later.

In the playoffs, there is a pair of wildcard games, plus two best-of-five division series, a league championship series, also known as the Pennant, and finally the well known best of seven world series. The first teams to play in the playoffs are the wild cards.  There is a pair of them in both leagues. Whoever wins that series, goes on to the real first round of the playoffs. They face the team with the best record in their league. That is called the division round series. (One of two)  Whoever moves on from that gets to face the winner of the other division round series. That is called the league championship, or Pennant. Whoever wins that goes to the world series. It used to be that there were no playoffs except for the world series, and the team with the best record in the American league faced the team with the best record in the National league. And that was the world series.

So now that you know how the baseball season works, maybe you can follow your favorite team even more thoroughly, as they make their way through the amazing baseball season. Play Ball!