“Make Alpacas Great Again”

On April 21st, eager alpaca lovers walked into the Pennsylvania Farm Show complex. Boy were they in for a surprise!

Also on April 21st, Donald J. Trump made a campaign stop at the Pennsylvania Farm Show complex. At the same time, in the same complex, an alpaca show was taking place. Trump was there for a rally where he was trying to convince people he will “Make America Great Again.” A video was posted online where the alpaca owners were making fun of the funny combination. Things were said like “make alpacas great again” and “we’re going to build a wall, to keep the alpacas in.”

The alpaca show began on April 21st, and ended on the 24th. Trump was only there on the 21st, while the alpaca show continued on. All that’s left to say is that the alpaca showers, lovers, farmers, breeders, staff or anyone who came was in for a surprise.