The Best Backpack for Switching Classes

What is the best backpack for departmentalization? Here are some backpacks that were put to the test, and got reviewed with  the cold, hard, truth. These backpacks will  be carrying (at least) up to four one inch binders, a folder, a planner, a pencil case, a book, and a water bottle.

Here are the backpacks and their reviews:

Bag Number 1:

One main pocket, one small organizer pocket:

This backpack was a little cramped. The organizer pocket was nice and there was room for a water bottle. This bag could not hold all four binders with everything else, but could hold four with nothing else. It could hold two one inch binders with everything else though. Some of these come with a pocket to fit a water bottle, but some don’t.

Bag Number 2:

One main pocket, One large organizer pocket, one small regular extra pocket:

This backpack could easily hold two binders, the folder and planner, all in the main pocket. The pencil case could fit in in the small regular pocket, and a small book could fit in the organizer as well as the main pocket. This backpack was comfortable. In terms of four inches of binders, this book bag still could fit everything. Some of these come with a pocket to fit the water bottle, and some don’t.

Bag Number 3:

Two main compartments, one organizer pocket, two small regular extra pockets:

This backpack can comfortably fit everything, as well as gym clothes, a light jacket and lunch container (not a lunch box), sometimes you can even fit sneakers. The two extra pockets can hold money to cough drops to an e-reader, to a pocket dictionary (no kidding). Although, keep in mind that the more stuff you add the heavier the backpack will get. Again, some of these backpacks have a water-bottle pocket and some don’t.

Bag Number 4:

Messenger bag: (similar to and/or like a brief case), with one main pocket, two medium regular extra pocket, one medium organizer pocket, and one small regular extra pocket:

With most shoulder-type bags, the weight on one shoulder can hurt if you have too much in it, with this pack, it was no different. Fitting everything in here was a squeeze, although there was a lot of small pockets for organization. Even though everything fit, it would be more comfortable with maybe only two binders. The book would have to be small with all four binders, about 200 pages was the amount in the book that was tested in the backpack. One or two of the one-inch binders could fit comfortably with everything else. In terms of the water bottle, a small one may be better, because a heavier one with probably pull on the sides and hit your thigh. Some of the messenger designs have a designated water bottle pocket, and again, some don’t.

So what is the best backpack?

Bags two and three seemed to be the best. These bags were comfortable, and could fit everything, and in some cases extra. It is one thing to be organized, and to Prior Plan, but it is another, to have the best backpack.