GFS Middle School Community Day

Middle School Community Day (or Day of Service) was a huge success. If you don’t know what the day was, it went a little something like this; we arrived at school, had homeroom, and then went to assembly. Next, we met with our worship sharing groups (which are mixed grade) to talk about where we were going.

Many of the projects were helping outdoors and in parks or gardens. One example is Vernon Park. Julie Marren’s group and Jeff Torchon’s group, went to go and help there. We walked a few blocks and when we got there met two men who were our site leader’s for the day. We ate pretzels, then split into two groups, (each with one man) and got straight to work, after discussing safety and introductions.

We raked leaves, helped built fences for developing trees, collected large, un-nessesary sticks, raked more leaves, wrapped the fences with twine to make sure they were strong, and after a little while we rounded up and ate lunch. We had been cold at the beginning, but by lunch we had moved, worked, and warmed up. It started to lightly drizzle. After we were done lunch, we played on the playground and waited for the others to finish up.

After lunch (and “recess”) we piled all of the leaves into bags (as well as the sticks) and finished the last trees. We ended the day with a Meeting-For-Worship-Type discussion on site, and as we walked back to GFS, we were surprised by Souvenier Frisbees (which can also fold up). When we were back on campus, we said goodbye and split back into homerooms. There we talked about and came to a conclusion with three words to describe our day, (over water-ice). Finally, we ended the day in Meeting For Worship, where our homerooms could share their three words, and if anyone felt so compelled, share any other message on their mind.

It was an amazing day that really showed us the heart of Germantown, as well as getting some good work done. For many people, it was surprising how much recognition they got for their work. Regardless, the Day of Service was a ton of fun, and many agree that they cannot wait until next year’s.