Discrimination in the Newsroom V2.0

“Can I have a small piece of your cinnamon bun?” Young Jesse McIlhenny, the 3rd in command of the GFS Corner’s editorial board asks Louisa Hanson, the Editor in Chief. Jesse had seen Louisa give pieces of her cinnamon bun to two other editors on the board.

Things like these happen daily in the Newspaper. It is disgusting. There is clear and utter DISCRIMINATION. Why does this happen? Why are there slights against the best editor? Is it because they’re jealous of his clear superiority to the other editors?

Jesse McIlhenny faces the most discrimination out of anyone. HE IS regularly humiliated and shamed in front of the entire staff by the head editor, and for what? Because he doesn’t always finish his articles by the deadlines because he has a plethora of extracurricular activities? The other members of the editorial board criticize many other aspects of his lifestyle, such as his clothing choices. Because he likes wearing what fits his personality is apparently a crime at the GFS Corner.

And another aspect of why he is relentlessly tortured is his music taste. The staff forces him to rap “I love Kanye” every other meeting. These practices are disgusting. The hard work and effort of a talented young man go unnoticed because of the jealousy of the other editors. Despicable.

(This article was purely satire. Jesse is not the best editor nor does he have any sort of a life to conflict with article deadlines.)