A “Great Day” with Rollo Dillworth at GFS

On Monday, May 16th, 2016, Dr. Rollo Dillworth came to GFS to help the Sixth and Seventh Grade with a piece he arranged; “Great Day”. The Sixth and Seventh Grades will be performing the piece Thursday, May 19th, 2016. So what happened at this workshop?

First, as in any Choir we did our vocal warm-ups. Then we showed Dillworth our rendition of Great Day as it was. Then we went through the song step by step and rehearsed it again. Finally, once it was done, we got to sit down, and do a question and answer. Questions ranged from Dillworth’s childhood, to his job, to his favorite food, and even to him dabbing! After that we worked on our other song; “Kuimba”, with him.

Having Dr. Dillworth at Germantown Friends School was such a great honor, and doing the extra workshop was so helpful. Teachers and students agree that the pieces now sound much better, and that we improved a lot with only one class with Dr. Rollo Dillworth. We hope to see you at the GFS Middle School Music Concert!