Not as Seen on TV

We’ve all been fooled by commercials that claim to be so great. TV advertisements are some of the biggest lies on the planet. If you have wasted your money on useless products, here are some tips to help you make sure that doesn’t happen again.

1. Fast Food Commercial

If you see an ad on TV for something like McDonalds or Burger King and a food looks like it’s the greatest creation in history of all time, it’s probably not. Usually fast food commercials make the food look so mouth watering on TV when it really looks like a sloppy burger that was made in fifteen seconds. And if the commercial advertises cheap plastic toys for kids meals, it’s probably just a way to lure kids into eating.

2. Medicine Commercial

While medicine can be very useful at times, it’s not always the right type you need. The main reason being that the side effects are sometimes worse than what the medicine is supposed to cure. Medicine is still something that you should take the chance on, but if it’s supposed to be something like a type of cough medicine and the side effects are things like hair loss, cramping, etc, it’s probably not the most reliable.

3. Toy Commercial

Toy commercials have probably the most lies in them. Sometimes the product isn’t even entertaining. The only tip you need to not waste your money is to not trust a product that has all of the following traits:

  1. It looks mediocre.
  2. It’s expensive (for the product).
  3. The advertisement shows a kid playing with a product having a suspiciously great time.

Phone commercial

The iPhone is the most popular technology of our generation. Though of course, most people buy them because of the overreacting commercials. Usually when they say it can do so much more than the previous iPhone, they really mean it’s basically the same thing except they made it bigger so you can’t even fit it in your pocket.

These companies don’t care about the accuracy of their commercials, as long as their products look appealing. Watch with a weary eye when you see commercials!