Baseball Brawls

On a Sunday not too many weeks ago, a brawl between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays took place. The reason this all up in the news, is because of what started it. Last year, Jose Bautista hit a walk-off home run against the Rangers, the team they were facing at the present time. What happened was that after he hit that home run, Jose Bautista flipped his bat as a celebration. This caused bad blood between the Blue Jays and Rangers.

The Blue Jays had a man on first (Jose Bautista), with a batter up. The batter hit a ground ball in the infield, which should’ve been an easy double play, but Rangers 2nd baseman Rougned Odor was still really mad at the Toronto right fielder. He decided to throw the ball at Bautista’s head. But luckily when Bautista slid in, the throw went wild.

Bautista saw that Odor had tried to throw the ball at his head, and they started getting all up in each other’s faces. Then something shocking happened. Odor threw a punch at Bautista, and it was well placed. He was knocked senseless for a couple seconds. Odor has been suspended for 8 games, for that.

Brawls should not be part of the game of baseball, but they always have been. We don’t think that that will end in the near future.