The Class of 2020’s Funniest Embarrassing Middle School Moments

Middle school is an awkward three years for everyone. Most humiliatingly hilarious moments are forgotten by the time everyone in your class crosses the threshold into high school. Not anymore! Now these moments will live on forever because the internet is forever. You’re welcome.Welcome to the 8th graders’ compilation of the most embarrassing moments since we stepped into the Sharpless building in September 2012.  All names have been changed, obviously, but the stories (submitted anonymously by eighth graders in Google forms) remain gloriously the same. Disclaimer: read the stories below with caution.

-Joseph* tried to lift his backpack with one arm to impress Alicia*, and subsequently had a neck spasm and ended up writhing on the floor in pain. Needless to say she was not impressed.

-Caterina* was trying to move something on the floor with her nose and everyone saw her underwear.

-During history class, a man pulled down his pants and defecated on Germantown Avenue. The class was distracted.

-Ronald* was eating a Slim Jim in class and his teacher Vonda* threatened to “jerk his meat stick.”

-Thomwinkle* brought nuts to share with the class and his teacher Jonda* announced that the class would now “eat Thomwinkle’s nuts.”

-When I yawn my neck makes this weird sound, kind of like an angry burp. Well, whenever I burp I hiccup and vice versa. I was sitting in meeting for worship, and it was dead silent, no sneezes or shuffles. I was fighting to keep myself awake and I did what any sleepy person would do and I yawned, but this yawn was loud it came crashing out like an ocean and guess what followed it…. my odd burp, and then the hiccup and then the burp. Luckily only the people next to me heard.

-Sarah* was rumored to be dating Carl* and the whole middle school chanted their “couple name” at the Common.

-Henrietta*’s dad walked in on Gertrude* and Jimbo* kissing.

-Saying “that’s what she said” right in front of a female science teacher on the first day of science in 6th grade.

-Emilio* and Jacklynne* kissed in the library bathroom and got caught, it was so awful that she vowed never to kiss anyone again…oops.

-When Celestial* stabbed Johnny* with a carving knife for saying she’s too nice to stab him because she’s Canadian.

-Sansa* spilling water on her pants after gym and trying to cover it with her jacket.

-When Draco* stabbed Theoden* with a syringe. {Editor’s Note: There seems to be a lot of stabbing. That’s a little worrisome.}

-When Penny* came into meeting for the students in choir/orchestra/etc. for the students who missed it and she got stuck in the chair and fell.

-When Jamie* lit the hash browns on fire during the sixth grade camping trip.

-When I visited GFS for the first time in 6th grade, I dropped my sandwich, and when I went back to get a new one, the lunch lady yelled at me.

-When Jimmy* made the yearbook in a picture staring right at Tori*, the girl he likes.

-On the 7th Grade Camping Trip, Sammie* flooded our entire bathroom, and everybody slipped every time we went in..

-In study hall, Drea* got mad at Yo-Yo*, so she screamed “not everything’s about you, nobody likes you” and we all started laughing, and it was said every week for about a month.

-When Armani* gave a rose to Bellatrix* after pressure from other guys at a dance and then continued to dance with Juliette*.

-When Jacob* asked Mary* for money to dance with Mary’s friend Juanita*.

-when Beppo* called Hayzley* a Nazi because she said she celebrated Christmas.

-After lunch, I was getting my backpack, and I tripped on someone else’s, and I fell onto the entire pile, and when I tried to get up, I fell again.

-At a soccer game, Anita* tried to convince Morgan*, Ashley*, and I that she had a concussion, so we carried her by her hands and feet, and we threw her down a hill. Ashley and I knew that she didn’t have a concussion, but Morgan believed it. Anita got really mad at Morgan eventually.

We hope that you enjoyed these moments, and your middle school experience. Good luck in high school and thank you to those who submitted!

And for any seventh and sixth graders reading this: you’re next…..