Editorial: The Four Way Race


Over a year has passed since the election cycle has started, and it has been a very long year. When Trump first started running he was thought of as a joke. Many rumors and scandals kept on coming out, each time getting crazier and crazier, but somehow more believable.

Germantown Friends School’s The Corner has followed both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton through their campaign, and compared the candidate’s policies. Today, we would like to officially announce our endorsement of Hillary Clinton. The Corner as a whole agrees that Clinton’s policies are outstanding, all the way from gun control to immigration policy. Here is a quick overview on why on November 8th (or 28th, depending on who you listen to) you should vote for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has gone around the world campaigning for women’s rights, one of her biggest achievements being her becoming the first female nominee for president. She has spoken in front of the U.N. about women’s rights even when it was a more divisive issue and is still constantly fighting to close the wage gap, make sure there is pay for maternity leave, and confront violence against women. Men have been leading the country for way too long; it’s time for a woman!

Hillary is greatly qualified to do perform many actions as president, but one of the things she is most proud of is fighting for children across the world. Hillary went around the country, working with children, mainly those incarcerated in adult prisons in South Carolina and disabled children in Massachusetts. Hillary also believes in giving all children an early jump in education.(read more at https://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/early-childhood-education/). Hillary Clinton is important this election year for the future lives of our children in America, and we strongly support her for that.

Hillary has had a strong past in relation to health care. Hillary will support the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare), covering over 20 million people, and will let people over 55 “buy into medicare”. Hillary will work to decrease the cost of prescription drugs, protect consumers from dangerous and unjustified prescriptions, and take many legislative actions to protect and support working class families. Clinton will benefit both low and high income families, making sure we all have access to healthcare. 

Although Hillary Clinton has many flaws, there is one outstanding reason to vote for her: Donald Trump. Over the years Hillary has been accused of being corrupt, even a liar, yet Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by over 15 different women and has filed for bankruptcy four times. The reasons not to vote for Trump are all way too long and extensive for me to list all of them, but here are three reasons as to why voting for Trump will make America worse (again).

Trump commonly accuses Bill Clinton of being chauvinistic. He accuses Bill of having raped three women and claims that Hillary is a part of “his team”. This is ridiculous. For one, Hillary is her own person, completely separate from Bill. Additionally, Trump has been accused by 15 different women of sexual assault, one woman even accusing him of sexually assaulting her when she was 13. Trump has done very little on women’s issues and will continue to do very little. To quote Trump, “THIS is not presidential behavior”.

Additionally, Trump’s policy on immigration is risible. Currently, immigration helps the United States economy by creating new jobs. Trump would like to ban immigration by building an unnecessary wall which could cost over 12 billion dollars, and which certainly won’t help America’s 19 trillion dollars of debt. Additionally, Donald Trump has called for a ban on Muslim immigration. This bluntly violates the First Amendment, and most evidence shows that a majority of terrorist acts are committed by non-Muslim Americans. In fact, since 1980, 94% of all terrorist acts committed have been pursued by non-Muslims.

Lastly, Donald Trump condones violence. On many occasions, he has supported attacks on protesting audience members at his rallies and has even once suggested that Hillary should be shot by the “Second Amendment people”. Signs saying “kill the b*tch” and “hang the b*tch” have grown frequent in his rallies, and two people on his campaign have been under FBI Investigation because they said that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should be lined up and shot.

See, in the good old days this doesn’t happen,” Trump said at a rally, “because they used to treat them very, very rough. And when they protested once, you know, they would not do it again so easily. But today they walk in and they put their hand up and they put the wrong finger in the air at everybody and they get away with murder because we’ve become weak, we’ve become weak.

Trump is a violent person. Trump promised that if he’s elected he will eliminate “political correctness”. This, rather than showing his “massive intelligence” shows his lack of diplomacy. Trump has suggested breaking up alliances with other countries, increasing nuclear power among many countries (including but not limited to Saudi Arabia) and limiting many constitutional rights of American Citizens. A Trump presidency will undo any positive actions enforced in the past years, enflame wars, and destroy the United States democracy.

Voting for any third party candidate will only weaken your preferred candidate: no third party candidate has ever won in American history ever since the Whig party broke up. Additionally, both Jill Stein and Gary Johnson have frivolous policies. Gary Johnson is claiming we should get rid of the Department of Education and the Department of housing, and Jill Stein has been known to be an anti vaccer. Their policies are fluid, and unstable.

If you are voting this election, then we would like you to consider our statement made in this article and please, vote for Hillary Clinton.

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