A Beginner’s Guide To Comic Con

New York Comic Con is probably one of, if not the biggest comic convention on the east coast.  Each year somewhere around early to mid October, comes three to four days of  vendors, cosplayers, and avoiding creepy men holding anime body pillows. This year was my second year going to the convention, and the fourth time I’ve gone to any kind of comic con at all. As I’m sort of a veteran at this, I thought it  would be helpful to make a sort of guide for people going to their first convention.

If you’ve ever been to a con or plan to go to one in the near-ish future, you should know some basic information before you actually  enter the building:

  1. Bring water and snacks. Although most conventions have vendors to buy food from, these are usually extremely overpriced. It’s better to bring a plastic bottle from home and fill it up with tap water than to spend five dollars on bottled water.
  2. BRING A PHONE CHARGER! This is extremely  important if you’re going to be alone for  the majority of the convention. A phone or some form of communication is a must have in case of an emergency, and having it die defeats the purpose.
  3. If you’re going to be  doing cosplay, always bring emergency  glue (and if you can sew, some needles and thread). Fixing a costume on the go can be a crucial skill, especially if you’re staying in a hotel or somewhere else without your supplies for the convention.
  4. Always, always have a meet up place if you’re going with somebody else. Sometimes things will come up that you didn’t planned for. Establishing a meet-up place with a partner can save you both from a lot of stress from having to search for one other.

If you’re a beginner cosplayer, here’s some additional tips:

  1. If you have any body paint, seal it. Even if the paint that you’re using says that it dries fully, you need to seal it. Cosplayers have tended to get a bad reputation over the years for not sealing their body paint and ending up ruining other people’s  fabrics. A simple (and cheap way) way to seal your paint is to A), to sprinkle a generous amount of baby power on it, or B), spray the paint with body spray after you’ve finished applying. Makeup sealants do exist, but I wouldn’t recommend these since they’re usually fairly expensive.
  2. If you order items for your cosplay, make sure you order then a few weeks in advance! In the cases of wigs, these often come from Chinese or Japanese vendors, and will take upwards of three weeks for shipping sometimes.
  3. If you’re making a lot of parts of your costume, do it  a few weeks before. Waiting until the last minute generally reduces the quality of your work.

Even if you do follow these steps, there’s always room for error, but if you make sure to be prepared, you shouldn’t have any issues!

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