Is the Harry Potter Festival Worth It?

Written By: Harper Zuercher and Grace Raufer

After visiting the Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill, we both have thought that it included the next few options:

a) All of the Chestnut Hill Shops Transform to Hogsmeade

b) There is a Quidditch match at the Chestnut Hill College

c) Many people are in costume

d) There are over 50,000 people, many who come from all around the US and the world

e) All of the Above

The Answer is E,  All of the Above. Find out why…

On October 22, the Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival and The City of Brotherly Love Quidditch Cup take places, and are truly magical for any Harry Potter fan. The streets are packed with people, music is blasting, people are laughing, foods are grilling. It’s just plain old fun.

Starting off at Chestnut Hill College, there is a Quidditch match, where regular old college students run around with brooms in between their legs, seriously. There are vendors, with things from scarves to mugs, and tickets for activities like face painting. There are two options to get to Chestnut Hill’s Hogsmeade from here. There is a shuttle bus which you can wait  in line for (free) or you can take the Septa bus, (which costs money or bus tokens), from the stop right outside of the college into Inner Chestnut Hill.

Expect Chestnut Hill’s Hogsmeade to be very crowded. There is music being piped from vendor to vendor. Stores have set up little tents with food, games, crafts, and things for sale. There is everything from fine jewelry to coloring pages. As you walk further down the hill there was even a trapeze show, live comedy, and REAL LIVE OWLS on stage… They were SO Cute.

It was on October 22nd. Crowds of people swarmed the street, many dressed in Hogwarts attire. Lots of people, even grown-ups, were fully dressed in Hogwarts hats, scarves, robes, and/or ties, and many kids were holding wands. A friend of my dad said, “This is the most crowded it’s ever been. I can only imagine how many people we’ll have next year.” This could definitely be true. The love of Harry Potter has clearly spread.

The festival had a very interesting and cool setup. The festival was many blocks, all down one street that was blocked off from cars. Booths were set up on the sides and in the middle of the street. Some had performances or shows, others were covered in supplies for do-it-yourself arts and crafts, still others sold Harry Potter merchandise. The shops and buildings along the sides had signs in the windows which claimed the equivalent of that particular shop in the Wizarding World.

A store that sold expensive pieces of art had all its paintings of owls and cats and mythical creatures out in the window to celebrate the Harry Potter vibes. There was a building that was giving out tours of “Hogwarts Castle” and another claiming to be the “Chamber of Secrets.” Loud Harry Potter themed music played along the streets, the sound coming from speakers over the sidewalk. The whole of Chestnut Hill really collaborated to produce an amazing festival that even not Harry Potter fans could enjoy. It was very entertaining and fun, and next year will surely be twice as crowded.

Written in collaboration by Grace and Harper.

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