Review: Last Week Tonight

The 2016 election has been fodder to every talk and television show that in any way covers politics. They have filled their shows with commentary on the elections and skits mocking the candidates and their views. One of these shows is Last Week Tonight, hosted by British comedian John Oliver.

John Oliver was said by Vogue to be “an honors graduate of the Jon Stewart School of Bipartisan Burns”, and by watching even one of his 30 minute long episodes one can see that Oliver has a talent for sarcastic jokes, or at least his writers do. His dialogue is peppered with jokes that go off topic but frequently make one chuckle.

Oliver has very low regard for the election, which he has called very descriptive names such as  “the electoral equivalent of seeing someone puking so you start puking and then someone else is puking and pretty soon everyone is puking 2016.” He began his October 30th episode by talking about how his show wanted to talk about anything but the election. Though he has talked about the faults of all the presidential candidates, Oliver is still plainly liberal.

Last Week Tonight usually contains one main story and one or two minor stories that Oliver talks about over the course of his show. The topics are very well researched and Oliver is always well prepared with audio and often government document sources. If he is using a teleprompter the watcher cannot tell.

Along with news stories, Last Week Tonight also includes a segment titled And Now This, a series of clips from a certain person on a certain topic that have no similarity to the show itself but do not fail to be funny. In the episode of October 30th, the topic of this segment was “The Stream of Consciousness Musings of WCBS-2 Meteorologist John Elliott”, which is quite unrelated but still hilarious.

Another segment is called How is This Still a Thing, and talks about slightly more related topics that John Oliver and the other people working on the show (presumably) do not think should still exist. The subject of this episode was voting on Tuesdays. The narrator of the segment, a disembodied voice, ridiculed the fact that America votes on Tuesdays because of farmers that had to go to church on Sunday and used Monday as a travel day, leaving Tuesday as the day that was easiest for people to vote on.

With this week has come the election, and all of the reactions and news broadcasts that go with it. The new episode of Last Week Tonight comes out this Sunday night, and there is a guarantee that John Oliver will have some big things to say about it.