SEPTA Strike Strife

At 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday Nov, 1st 234 SEPTA employees walked away from their stations and off of their vehicles, stopping almost all public transportation in Philadelphia and in some suburban areas. The strike has effected many people, including the sick, disabled and elderly, as well as adults getting to and from work, and students–even some at GFS.

Sam Butler, a current 7th grader, had to wait 30-60 minutes each day for SEPTA transportation. The mother of Grace Raufer, who is in 7th grade, left her home a half-hour early each day to get to her job as a kindergarten teacher. The SEPTA strike is also causing safety and health issues. Some people in need of minor medical assistance or daily medication have had to wait longer. This has put many people’s health at risk, including those with diabetes who have to take a daily shot of insulin because. When the insulin syringes need to be refilled and the person with diabetes has no way to get to a pharmacy due to the strike they could face a major health crisis.


SEPTA transportation has always been a big factor in Philadelphia traffic. They run all over the city and other areas 24/7, and provide transportation for an estimated 3.9 million people in five counties in and around Philadelphia. Philadelphia is the nation’s fifth largest city and most of its 1.6 million residents do not own vehicles. The SEPTA strike has created a major issue for the economy as many people are not able to get to work or other places that they need to go.

As of Monday, November 7, 2016, The SEPTA strike is over. SEPTA and the Union have come to an agreement that includes pension benefits to its workers and time given off during breaks.

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