The Promised Land: Will the Eagles Pull Through?

This is week ten in the NFL season, and all of the teams are thinking about the playoffs.

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently 4-4. Which is playoff potential. On the other hand, they have a very hard schedule for the rest of the year. They are in last place in their division, though it is not by much.

A total of twelve teams will make the playoffs. There are four rounds in the playoffs. If you win every round, you go to the Super Bowl. Eight of the twelve teams are winners of their divisions, and four “wild card” teams are selected based on their record in their conference.

The Eagles have potential to be a very good team, but they have not shown it. They have an okay offense and one of the best defenses in the league. When their defense plays well, their offense follows. For example, week three was against a very strong opponent and state rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Eagles were expected to get crushed, but their defense shared the beliefs of Donald Trump, and made a wall. The Steelers could not do anything. The Eagles had made a team with one of the best offenses in football look like a bunch of high school kids on the first day of tryouts. That gave their young Quarterback Carson Wentz chances to capitalize. And they sure did. The Eagles won 34-3.

In order for the Eagles to make the playoffs, they will have to play better defense when necessary.