Un-fun Day?

Fun Day is one of the most exciting days of the year if you are a GFS student. Get together with all your friends to eat food, play games and have a great time. But there were some things about this year’s Fun Day that many people did not like…

The ticket prices.

This year, I thought that the tickets were a little too expensive. $1 a ticket may not seem like very much, but it is expensive if you consider that a two-minute jump in a bouncy house cost $3. I ran out of tickets very quickly. $1 a ticket seems more like a price I would rather pay at a real amusement park.

The games were too easy and did not have good prizes.

I think that some of the games at Fun Day were too easy, and did not have good prizes. Some of these games include the bean bag toss game in the Scattergood gym, and the game where you pick a card that has a number 1-3 and the number determines what prize you get in the Field House. The prizes at these games included pencils, plastic cups and really tiny candies. I think that if there were better prizes, more people would play these games.

Not enough things to do.

In the Fieldhouse there was little to do except to purchase useless items or eat some food. There was way less stuff to do than there was at the last Fun Day. I know that because it was inside, there was less space, but I think that the Smith Gym or Little Gym could have been used for more activities like soccer, capture the flag and wiffle ball.

In the next years, I hope that we get lower ticket prices as to make more items available, have more fun games and overall have more things to do. I hope that Fun Day will improve over time and will become more enjoyable. 

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