What Makes a School Great?

When you think of good schools, what do you think of? Recently, Germantown Friends was named the best private K-12 school in Pennsylvania for 2017 by Niche.com, an American-based rating and review company/website. 

When Niche.com ranks schools they look at many things, including average SAT score, a college enrollment percentage, and teacher-to-student ratio.

One of these factors is the colleges that high schoolers are interested in, or graduates attend. Each of these colleges has a place on Niche’s Best Colleges List. They are each given a score based on their ranking on that list, and the scores are then averaged out and are given a letter grade. GFS received an A+. College enrollment percentage is another factor. 100% of GFS students have enrolled in college after high school.  

Colleges aren’t the only important factor in deciding which schools are the best. They also take into account how culturally and racially diverse a school is. 49% of GFS students are people of color. They also look at gender diversity, and according to Niche.com, GFS has a 50/50 split, which is the best score possible.

Additionally, Niche.com looks for schools with a low student to teacher ratio. On the website, it shows an 8:1 ratio, but according to the Germantown Friends website, there is a 7:1 student to faculty ratio.

Based on parent/student surveys,  GFS  earned an A+ in Teachers, a B+ in Clubs & Activities, and a C- in sports. Our overall grade was an A+.

Germantown Friends School also earned these titles: #1 in 2017 Private High School College Readiness in Pennsylvania and #1 in Best Private High Schools in Pennsylvania. We were also ranked 21st best private K-12 school in the country.

Visit Niche.com’s list of Best K-12 Schools in Pennsylvania here: https://k12.niche.com/rankings/private-high-schools/best-k12/s/pennsylvania/


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