Moana: The New Disney Princess

Disney’s animated movies keep getting better and better, and all Disney fans know it. People had high hopes and expectations for Disney’s Moana, and they were not let down!

I mean, a new Disney princess! The last two, Anna and Elsa, were created three years ago with the release of Frozen. Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) is a free spirited, magical,  adventurous teenager who is the daughter of the village chief on an island. She dreams about the ocean but has never gotten a chance to experience it for herself.

Moana teams up with the demi-god Maui (Dwayne Johnson), a cocky, shape-shifting, sarcastically funny partner, who in the beginning, as it is with a lot of Disney movies, has no intention of going anywhere with her. Moana is able to convince him though, and Maui reluctantly comes along with a bargain in mind.

The two embark on an incredible journey, with giant, jewel-covered crabs, Kakamora (coconut pirates), Earth goddesses, green magic stones, giant lava monsters, and, of course, a catchy, unforgettable soundtrack. Everything Maui does with Moana, from battling monsters to teaching her how to sail, brings the two adversaries closer together, until they become best friends in the end. But it’s not just the plot that makes the film so great. Moana is a role model. She is the third Disney princess to not fall in love, the second with magical powers, and the first to be Polynesian. She brings her own adventurous personality to Disney studios and has been amazingly successful so far.  Moana is an action-filled story about friendship, loss, courage, and never doubting yourself.