Braces: A Survival Guide

Braces are a Middle School rite of passage. If you haven’t yet experienced this orthodontial adventure, here is a peek of what you are in for, and if you do have braces then you may relate, as Chase documents his first few days of surviving braces:

Day 1:

I got out of school during lunch to get my braces. I said goodbye to my friends and my pizza and drove to where I was getting my braces. The process of putting my braces on was a pretty boring. All they did was put a thing in my mouth to keep it open, then I think they might have numbed some stuff before they put in the actual braces. The braces felt very awkward in my mouth. I was licking them so much. It took a while to get used to the feeling of braces inside of my mouth. The braces, for some reason, didn’t hurt at all when I got them. I drove home and they still didn’t hurt. I ate soup for dinner, they still didn’t hurt. The extreme pain of having braces did not start until I woke up the next morning…

Day 2:

My mouth felt like I had my teeth being pressed together by one of those clamps in woodshop. It was hard for me to not concentrate on the pain. The extreme pain didn’t go away until around 9:00 am. I thought it was over, until it was time for lunch. That day at lunch was the first time I had ever felt serious pain because of a hamburger. Biting into it made it feel like there was someone carving my teeth with a knife. I only got about halfway through the burger before giving up.

My friends saw my braces for the first time that day. Most of them though it was cool, some didn’t like the colors I picked for the braces. My really close friends said I looked like I traveled in time from the 1980’s.  Probably a wookie.

Day 3:

Normally, people only brush their teeth twice a day. With braces, you need to brush your teeth 3 or 4 times a day. Flossing with braces is like medieval torture. It took me 12 minutes just to floss the bottom half of my teeth. Luckily, my family was able to find alternatives to flossing (like using a waterpik) so now it doesn’t take as long.

Eating today still hurt a lot, but other than that, the braces only hurt a tiny bit. There was a spot where the metal wire was poking my cheek, so I had to cover that with wax that kept falling off.

Day 4 – present:

The braces completely stopped hurting by the end of the second week. The only times that it even hurt after the first week was when I was eating. You can actually get used to having braces very quickly. Eventually, it felt like they weren’t even there. I haven’t gotten my braces tightened at all yet though. But I am sure the pain won’t be as extreme (I hope).

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