Are 7th Graders mean?

Recently, the 7th grade advisors gave a variety of assignments and writing prompts relating to “unkind words and actions” in the 7th Grade. This is mainly due to the many problems, not just in 7th grade, but in the whole middle school regarding “bullying” and “profanity.”

This attempt to understand the 7th graders and why there are so many unkind and rude things going on is most likely due to a number of complaints from parents or students about the way some people are being hurt emotionally and sometimes physically.

These actions appear to be the result of peer pressure and jealousy. Sometimes the constant temptation to be popular or funny will get the best of people and cause them to do things that they normally would not do. However, it is not completely the 7th graders’ fault. It is also due to modern day society and the way we are absorbing social media and entertainment.

A popular example of this would be Vines and “try not to laugh challenges.” These popular, 6-second, looping videos are mainly based off of the misfortune of others, and are encouraging you to laugh and make fun of the people in the video.

In conclusion, yes, 7th graders are in some ways, mean. Although this is true, unkindness is a natural part of “the Middle School Cycle”, as pre-teens go through the stress of peer pressure and are affected by Vines and social media. So is it really their fault? This question is yet to be answered. In the meantime, 7th graders will just have to suffer through middle school and dig their way out at the other end.

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