Breaking up in the Middle School

Some celebrities are known for breaking up using sentence long text messages. Is that really an appropriate way to breakup with someone?  Regardless of your opinion, this method has been commonly used for breaking up in the Middle School.

The discussion about breaking up in the middle schools begs a bit of information about dating in the first place. There are some kids who have had “relationships” starting in 3rd grade, or throughout middle school. There are also those who haven’t had their first kiss in 8th grade. There is a wide range of experiences with dating throughout the middle school and no two people will give you a single definition. To some, it means texting and saying hello to each other at school; others think it means going to the movies, and some people have quite odd definitions which others (me, for one) fail to understand. 

However you cut it, a lot of people in our grade are dating and very few middle school relationships last for more than a couple of months (some only last days), therefore instigating many breakups. Though in general, middle schoolers can be extremely dramatic, there is no denying that there are inappropriate ways to break up with someone. Yet the question remains, how do we decipher the appropriate from the inappropriate?

Fortunately (or  unfortunately), none of us have very much experience with breakups, but we still deal with the issue almost everyday. Anyone with a moral compass knows that breaking up with someone by texting them something nasty or the broken heart emoji is inappropriate, but beyond that, the lines are pretty blurred.

Whenever you say that breaking up over text can be okay depending on the situation, people look at you like you’re a psycho. Realistically though, most middle school relationships do not involve real feelings for the other person. In these situations, are text breakups really that bad? Do they hurt? Yes, but the relationship was never thoughtful. Does the break-up really have to be? This topic is a touchy point for many in the middle school community. Many don’t think text break-ups are okay, but others believe that if done tastefully (or as tastefully as it can be over text), then it is okay.

Now on to phone calls and messages. This form of breaking-up is rarer in the middle school. Either people do not want to deal with hearing the other person’s voice, or they are considerate people who really want to have a conversation face to face, so they can gauge the emotions of the other person. Phone calls can be blurry as well, but at least they are more considerate than a text break-up.

Lastly, we have breaking up face to face. This is arguably the most mature way to break something off, and the way adults (for the most part) do it. By speaking with someone face to face, you really have the opportunity to have a legitimate conversation, and on top of this, it prevents you from saying horrific things. Technically speaking, this method is probably the best way. 

This topic is one which gets people extremely heated and causes “heartbreak” for days or even weeks on end. The world is evolving, and with technology, we are coming up with more “immature” ways for break-ups. Soon, we might even see snapchat break-ups, but for the time being, focusing on being polite and not breaking up with someone in a way that would cause them to hate you for the rest of your life—is good advice.


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