Buzzfeed : A Pit Of Disturbia

So, imagine a cesspool of idiocy. Got it? Then a storm of opinionated 20-year olds. Yeah? And finally, an entire room of furiously liberal radical feminists. Guess which one Buzzfeed is? That’s right! All of them.

“What Is Your Inner Potato?” “Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be A Human Puppy” “The Top 10 DUMBEST BuzzFeed Lists You’re EMBARRASSED To Say You CLICKED” “15 Hedgehogs With Things That Look Like Hedgehogs” “21 Foods That Forgot How To Food” “Which Possible Illuminati Member Are You?” “26 Face Swaps That Will Make You Ridiculously Uncomfortable” “Which Ousted Arab Spring Ruler Are You?” “You Might Be Cleaning Your Penis Wrong “37 Things Conservatives Would Rather Do Than Watch Obama’s State Of The Union Speech”

Yeah. These are real. Buzzfeed is a pure force of young insane liberals who assume that all conservatives are evil and the same. The entirety of Buzzfeed is stupid, sexist, and truly unnecessary.

1. Let’s start with the basics: Buzzfeed is sexist. When shown the incredible sexism and double standards that Buzzfeed spews, L flustered and tried to explain that she enjoyed the web series, ‘Ladylike’, where young women get paid to wear lipstick and dresses. So, the fans are so brainwashed that they are willing to believe that a video about ‘manspreading’, a ridiculous and made-up idea, is legitimate and useful. I mean, seriously? I cannot possibly be the only person confused as to why they’re still relevant. They spew horrific radical feminist rhetoric, and are brainwashing our children. This ‘L’ I speak of is a 7th GRADER! Oh my gosh!

2. Now, Buzzfeed is stupid. Nobody cares anymore. Nobody cares about what your spirit potato is, or generalizations about conservatives. It’s just boring. I dare you. Go. Log on to Buzzfeed right now. If it’s not the first post, the second post will be unbelievably stupid. Like, “Things Worse Than Learning Beyoncé Lip-Synched At The Inauguration“. Yep. This is a real article. Um, wake up Buzzfeed! You SUCK.

3. Buzzfeed is unnecessary. We can get all this useless information from some… terrible aunt at Thanksgiving? Some boring friend with nothing to do? But even better, we don’t need or want this biased, dumb information. It’s USELESS. What am I gonna do, in a job interview say “WELL DID YOU KNOW THESE 9 CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES LOOK SO MUCH LIKE BLUEBERRY MUFFINS I CANNOT”? No. I would not. Because it SERVES NO USE.

Finally, I’m done. Rant Over. Buzzfeed is stupid, sexist and unnecessary. They steal all of their content from tumblr. What are you going to do with THIS information? Tell someone. Spread the word. Down. With. Buzzfeed.

One thought on “Buzzfeed : A Pit Of Disturbia”

  1. Between all the crazy topics there ARE some very informative ones as well. I’m also nothing like the people you describe.

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