Does GFS Embody the Quaker Spirit?

Most of you are probably nodding your heads, and saying, “Of course it does.” Because sure, we learn about quakerism, have meeting for worship, and partake in numerous moments of silence, but does that really make us a perfect Quaker school? Some people think that students’ words and actions make us un-quakerly, but others strongly disagree.

GFS calls itself a quaker school, because that’s what it is. We take part in many Quaker rituals, but the way the students and sometimes even faculty act is not in a Quaker fashion. One 7th grader says, “Some of the actions of the people in our school are not quakerly, but the environment that the school tries to create is.”

Some quaker values include community and peace. GFS definitely exemplifies community, as we spend lots of time giving back to and getting to know Germantown, and although peace is sometimes lost among the students, teachers are quick to correct them. As an enthusiastic student says, “We may know about the quaker values, but we are young, and we can’t be expected to be perfect quakers and follow every rule.”

Overall, a lot of people agree that although the people here don’t necessarily exemplify the quaker beliefs and values, GFS is still a quaker school as we are run by a quaker committee? What I took from the many interviews I did was that while GFS is a quaker school, not everything about it exemplifies the quaker beliefs.

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