The Death of Carrie Fisher

As many people know, Carrie Fisher recently passed away. Many fans of the Star Wars franchise have been sad ever since this awful moment in cinematic history. Fans wonder, how will the Star Wars movies continue without her?

It was December 23 when this tragic incident started and December 27 when it ended. Carrie Fisher was on a plane when she had a heart attack. Four days later, she died. While many of us got great Christmas presents, this certainly wasn’t one of them. To add to this tragic moment, Carrie Fisher’s mom, Debbie Reynolds, died the day after of a stroke while preparing for her daughters funeral.

Fans of the Star Wars franchise wonder how the movies will go on. Disney has said that they have finished filming most of Carrie Fisher’s scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In future movies, will they use CG to add her in, like they did with the young Princess Leia in Star Wars: Rogue One?

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