The Women’s March on Washington

On January 21st, millions of women marched around the world in opposition to the incoming Drumpf administration. The most anticipated march, taking place in Washington D.C., had over 470,000 people marching, around three times more than the estimated amount of people who attended Donald Drumpf’s inauguration.

Although the Washington March was the most anticipated march, the march in Los Angeles had by far the highest attendance, with an expected turnout of 80,000 people and an actual turnout of 750,000 people. A smaller march of over 50,000 people also occurred in Philadelphia, with many attending including mayor Jim Kenny and the CEO of Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania. Worldwide, there was a total turnout of over 3.3 million people who came together to protest the recent controversial election cycle.

The Women’s March on Washington was an organization originally founded by an accidental post on Facebook, going viral overnight. Teresa Shook decided to create a Facebook page for an event calling on a Women’s March on Washington. By the time she fell asleep she had 40 responses. When she woke up, she had over 10,000.

The goal of the Women’s March was to send a message to the incoming administration and the world that “that women’s rights are human rights”, and to let Drumpf know that he must respect all American people no matter their gender, race, religion, sexual preference or any other identifying factor. Marches took place in every single continent on Earth and in many major countries, including in Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, South Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Finland, United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina and even in Antarctica.

Many people across the Earth were moved by the march to come together and protest. “The women’s march was a symbol of equality and progressiveness in modern day America,” one eighth grade student told the GFS Corner. “I hope it clearly impacted the upcoming Drumpf administration for the better”.

According to eighth grade history teacher John King, the march will have both short term impacts on the Drumpf Administration and long time impacts on the future of women in the White House. King said that the women’s march was going to have a visible impact on the white house, and what the Drumpf administration will or won’t do. About women’s rights, John said, “I believe that [the march] helped exemplify the women’s struggle to the white house, and I truly believe that that day will come”.



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