Narwhale Addiction

Are you addicted to is a popular Multiplayer computer game apart of the .io chain, which was created by a 19-year-old Brazilian developer named Matthew Valadares. The game has been a big hit and people all around the world are playing it.

Valadares’ first game, was used as campaign propaganda in elections in Turkey, with players choosing names that showed support for their political parties.  Some players also advertised their favorite candidate by becoming a bigger cell in the game and forming alliances with players of their same party.

The objective of Narwhale is to stab other player’s narwhale with your horn and stay alive as long as you can and become king of the server.

  Many of our fellow students even enjoy it but are not addicted to it. Max Frank, an 8th Grader states: ” It’s fun, and I like competitive games and the Narwhals are cute”. Many people may not be addicted to but some GFS students may prove that they have fallen prey to the game. See for yourself, 7:50-8:00 every morning a group of 5 or 6 students enter the computer room and fight to become king in Next time you get on a computer, play one game of and not play another one. You will fail.


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