We’re Off to See the Wizard!

What is the play starring a tin man, a lion, a scarecrow, and an innocent little girl? The Wizard of Oz, of course. Even if you are not off to see the wizard, you should have been off to see this play, while it was still at the Walnut Street Theater. Find out why it was so wonderful by reading more below.

First of all, the play starred Adrienne Eller as Dorothy who seemed to enjoy the role as much as her real-life partner in crime, Toto. Toto was played by a former foster dog named Dusty. At the beginning of the show, the lights dimmed, and the live music began. The music was from the original movie from 1939, with songs like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “If I Only had a Brain”, and “We’re Off to See the Wizard”. Original musical songs were played on violins, pianos, flutes and more. From the first minute, you truly felt immersed in Dorothy’s magical, musical world. The music was loud and powerful and filled the whole room with beautiful acoustics, which truly surrounded you with amazement.

The costumes were also delightful. Dorothy wore her iconic blue and white checkered dress along with shiny red shoes. The scarecrow’s costume was also very authentic, with what looked like real straw peeking from underneath the shirt and pants. Everyone on stage was dressed for action, down to the detail in every single Munchkin’s costume.

Another interesting thing about the play was the simple stage mechanics. Various mesh screens dropped down throughout the show and characters would fly through the air accompanied by incredible sound effects. Some actors even doubled up on roles, but no one would know, because they changed so efficiently and quickly. They transitioned through the acts smoothly, with a brief intermission in the middle.

At the end of the show, there was a curtain call, and tremendous clapping. There was even a standing ovation. Although the Wizard of Oz is not currently at the Walnut Street Theater, if there is ever a chance for you to see the musical or watch the movie – do it. It will change your life.