Disney: Misleading Expectations

When you hear the Disney, the words that pop into your mind are probably something like magic, childhood, love, and fairytale. Disney is a widely spread and much-loved film company that produces wonderful movies to be enjoyed by people of all ages. The cute characters, catchy songs, and true love make them favorite movies, whether you’re watching them for the first time or the fiftieth. But beneath that harmless surface hides a plethora of stereotypes.

Disney princesses have perfect body shapes and hair. Their bodies curve so much that their waists are minuscule. Their hair is never wet, tangled, or messy, but always flows freely. They wear too much makeup and it is strangely endurable, as it doesn’t smudge or run when they are underwater, crying, or running through strong winds. These are bad expectations for young girls, as many of them want the artificial bodies Disney provides their elite characters. It is bad for so many individuals— especially tweens or teens— to be unhappy with their bodies.

Most people do agree that Disney princesses are—in their own way—beautiful. Disney achieved their goal. But that peaks the question: why do we think of these princesses as beautiful? Because, honestly, Disney princesses are so ‘beautiful’ they don’t even look like real people, yet it looks so natural on them. Their hair is always perfect, no matter what style, and some of them have very unnatural hair textures and length. Their eyes are very large and round, and piled with makeup. In fact, if you look up Disney princesses without makeup, you will be very surprised at how different they look. Their eyes are smaller and look bare, but you really don’t notice how much they are actually wearing until it is removed in Photoshop. Like a lot of things about the princesses’ beauty, it just seems like a natural part of the characters.

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