Is Lego Batman the Best Batman?

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is an article that contains spoilers from The Lego Batman Movie. If you’re don’t want spoilers and you’re planning to see the movie but for some reason haven’t (seriously, the movies been out for at least a month now) then you should probably not read this article. You have been warned.

The Lego Batman Movie has hit the theaters and is raking in more money by days. In fact, there have now been debates on whether The Lego Batman Movie is  one of, if not, the best Batman movies. But why  exactly is this considered the best of the best in the franchise?

Before trying to decode the success of The Lego Batman Movie, here’s a quick rundown of the Batman movies.

The first Batman movie was directed by William Dozier in 1966, as a continuation of the Adam West TV series. The film was ridiculous and goofy just like the show, and can easily be made fun of. The second Batman movie was made in 1989, and was directed by Tim Burton. The film was dark, appealed to both kids and adults, and is known as one of the highest grossing movies of the franchise. Tim Burton later made another Batman movie in 1992, Batman Returns. It wasn’t as good as the previous film and felt a bit too dark, but it still was a good movie. The next movie, Batman Forever, was directed by Joel Shumacher in 1995. Unlike Batman Returns, Batman Forever was not as dark as the Tim Burton movies, but was more colorfull and cheesy. Despite not being as good as the 1989 film, it still was a harmless, good Batman movie. Joel Schumacher made another Batman movie, Batman and Robin, and it is known as the worst Batman movie of all time, and even one of the worst superhero sequels of all time. It was nonsensical, had bad acting, and a scene where Batman uses a Bat-credit card. Through 2005 through 2012, Christopher Nolan directed The Dark Knight trilogy. The movies were, dark, more adult than 1989’s Batman, and were a huge success. Finally, in 2016, Zack Snyder directed Batman Vs. Superman, though the film received mediocre to horrible reviews, the actor who played Batman, Ben Affleck, gave a great performance.

Of all the Batman Movies that were just listed, why is it that The Lego Batman Movie able to rank with and even surpass some of many of the other Batman films? There are multiple reasons why.

1: The Animation

One of the steps to the films success might have been the animation. Being that the animation made use of Lego stop-motion, the characters were able to make the action scenes a lot more entertaining to watch. The fight scenes could be done in a way that was crazy and over the top, but not be received as campy or stupid like the Adam West TV series or Batman and Robin. The characters could also be funny in an entertaining way. The characters could also move a lot more fluently. Not just as in Batman actually being able to turn his neck, but the characters could run, jump, and even fight in more fast paced, creative, and entertaining fight sequences. The animation also allows the jokes to be comedic. If you saw Batman wearing a robe, eating lobster thermidor, while laughing at a romantic drama movie, no one would know what to say except, what were they thinking? But if you saw that in an animated film, it would be easier to laugh at.

2: It Doesn’t Take Itself too Seriously

Most Batman movies have been either so dark that kids should wait till they’re at least ten to watch them, or so childish and stupid that movie critics would be raking in more money Disney.  The Lego Batman Movie was able to be comedic and still managed to be a great film. This probably was because it was an animated film, but also because the jokes didn’t seem forced. When Batman movies try to be funny, their usually just forcing in crappy one-liners. These jokes were also funny because the writers were brave enough to make fun of previous work. Not only were the writers able to get away with making fun of the infamous Bat-Shark repellent, but they were also able to make fun of icons like Iron Man in a way that wouldn’t offend other fans. And even when though the movie was a comedy, the moral was able to be great and the end of the movie was very emotional.

3. Will Arnett

Batman’s voice actor, Will Arnett, was able to put on a great character that captured a completely different personality of the caped crusader. Will Arnett also voiced Batman in The Lego Movie, a film so good that people complained that it didn’t win an Oscar. Will Arnett had to keep his Batman accent even during  the serious and emotional moments, and still managed to deliver a great character.

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