6th Grade: The Bottom of the Food Chain

The 6th graders, the nasty little pests, the little annoying brats, they are the bottom. The scum at the bottom of the Middle School Melting Pot. Whatever you call them, they are universally hated by all but their very own. But why? Why are 6th grades hated so much? Their height? Their pubescent voices? Just what is it that makes them so annoying? And should older students respect, instead of bully, the little twerps?

The 6th graders are adjusting to Middle School life, and instead of helping, the 7th and 8th graders usually tease, trip, and insult newbies. It seems that older students are just inclined to tease younger students, as they might do with a younger sibling. If the 6th Graders are annoying, then it’s probably not their fault. They are reacting to this new environment, which is making them hyper and prone to being… disturbing.

Also, they want to make friends with all the older students, so they tend to be stupid to try and impress them. It’s a simple problem, but the solution is more complex. The 7th and 8th grade cannot simply just accept the 6th graders, who will continue to be annoying, until they hit puberty, nor can the 6th grade just stop being annoying.

The only solution I can think of (as my charming editor of this publication is threatening me) is that the older students should pretend to be friends with the 6th graders until they turn into 7th graders, which will result in them becoming more mature. Older students should not be mean to 6th graders. As rising 7th graders, we will hopefully enforce this way of thinking, and treat 6th graders with respect and kindness, and not screaming-and-shouting at them.

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