Dances in the Middle School

The middle school dances always seem to be a source of stress in the time surrounding them. This is usually due to the gossip that follows, however, the dances can also be really fun. This depends on what you choose to do during the dance.  This can entail asking someone to the dance, sitting downstairs and watching the movie (this time around it was the Bee Movie), talking to your friends (from experience I can tell that this is mostly shouting, unless you are outside), or just dancing and hanging out.

Some of these activities are more common in certain grades than others. For example talking to your friends is a more viable option in 6th grade, but in 8th grade it’s more likely that you will ask someone to the dance or slow dance with someone.  The grades also tend to huddle into individual small groups with the 6th grade dancing and talking in one corner, the 8th graders off to the side or on the benches halfway across the gym, and the 7th graders pretty much everywhere.              

At the most recent dance, people chose to go to the wrestling room and watch the movie and some spent time outside.  Some people watching the movie chose to stay downstairs the entire time and others decided to come up around halfway through or just come up occasionally.  The majority of people in the wrestling room were 6th graders however, there were some 8th graders and some 7th graders as well.  Pretty much everyone was outside at some point during the dance, mostly for fresh air as the gym eventually got pretty stuffy and hot as more people arrived.

 The dances are a lot of fun and are really only what you make of them, either a dramatic event or just a party, all depending on your perspective of what goes on. 

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