Finals: How Much Prep is Too Much Prep?

Finals. The last obstacle before we can leap into the summer. These famously tricky exams are possibly the most stressful part of the year, maybe even more so than midterms. Some teachers spend weeks preparing their students, while others barely mention them until two days beforehand. The students are quite similar. Some take up hours a day studying, and some study barely fifteen minutes in total. The question is: How much prep is too much prep?

Many teachers say that you can never study too much. If students take that advice, and spend hours a day studying, they’ll do well on their finals. But what kind of toll would that take on their emotional and physical health? Using every hour of daylight to prepare for a math test can’t be good for you. says, “Studies show that children who are over scheduled often feel overwhelmed and pressured, and that can lead to a number of problems including behavioral issues and emotional challenges.”

Physical health is a whole other problem. There are kids who stay up way too late, almost to midnight, to study, and that surely can’t be good. Middle schoolers are still growing, and growing children need their sleep. If they don’t get a proper 8-10 hours each night, their brain won’t be able to function properly. If students are not fully awake the morning of the final, due to your lack of sleep, that can’t be good for your test score either.

There really isn’t a reason to stay up that late, or spend that much time studying. Your teachers will almost definitely give you time in class to study, and as long as you do a little studying each night leading up to the final, instead of trying to cram it all into one day, you should do just fine.

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