Not as Seen on TV II

Some products can be life changing while others might just be diabetes in the form of an oversized cheese burger. This is part two to Not as Seen on TV, the guide that teaches you not to waste money because your TV told you to buy some useless piece of crap. There will be commercials from part one and some new types of commercials as well.

Fast Food

Usually fast food commercials will use multiple tactics to make vegans convert. They can be so manipulative, that diabetes will become inevitable. However, the tactics these commercials  use can be very easy to avoid once you  figure out the formula. usually, fast food commercials will make the food in the ad so steamy while using a great camera to film it. Another thing that makes the food look so mouth-watering, is for some reason when they slowly tear the food in half. This may sound weird, but it’s true.


The problem with medicine, is that you need it. This gives company’s a perfect opportunity to cash in. Most medicine commercials probably have good intentions, but there are many things that seem off. For starters, all medicine commercials have a man speaking incredibly fast listing the side effects. Sometimes, the side effects are worse than what the medicine is meant to cure. Another way they get to you is by showing an adult spending happy quality time with their family the whole ad.


You have a completely fine car. Yet you keep seeing car ads everywhere. You have probably asked yourself, whats the difference? These cars usually have no new colors, no features that you really care about, and the GPS still barely works. Stay away from these if you have a perfectly good car.


Specifically I-phone commercials. Ask yourself this: What is the difference between the I-phone 7 and the I-phone 6? There are a couple of tweaks (no headphone jack? you gotta be kidding) that are thrown in, but usually, there is barely a difference. Sometimes, the phone is made so big to the point where you can’t even fit it in your pocket. It is barely even worth it to waste over 100 dollars on a phone that’s going to be replaced in a year.


Many people like getting new pairs of sneakers. However, it’s insane how much people spend on these shoes. Most ads usually put a professional basket ball player in their ads in attempts of making people think that if they buy their products, than they could be the next Lebron James. Some companies even name their shoes after celebrities. Sneakers like Jordans and Yeezees are prime examples of this marketing trick. usually these shoes are very expensive, ranging from 60-120 dollars, and that just doesn’t seem worth it.


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