Teenager Dies from Excessive Caffeine

On April 26, 2017, Davis Allen Crepe collapsed from consuming a Diet Mountain Dew, a latte, and an energy drink all in a time span of 2 hours.  All of this caffeine, combined induced arrhythmia (improper beating of the heart) led to him suffering a cardiac arrest (unexpected loss of heart function, breathing, and consciousness.)

Is caffeine consumption a problem at GFS?

Many GFS students drink coffee. Although the question is: Do they drink too much coffee? Calder Duffy stated, “I drink Coffee every day, so that I am awake in school. I also get withdrawal if I don’t have it.”  Another fellow GFS student, Spencer, stated “I drink coffee two or three times a week because it makes me feel energized.”

With so many GFS students drinking coffee and caffeine-based products (which is promoted or provoked by the Open Door Cafe), how much caffeine is life threatening or even unhealthy? Drinking too much coffee can be very risky. The Health Research Funding organization recorded that  over 68 million Americans drink coffee and that some 30 million Americans drink five or more cups of coffee every single day. As far as addiction, “3 out of 4 regular caffeine users are actually addicted to the substance.”

Why is this a problem? Well, caffeine can produce mood swings, insomnia, increased tension in the muscles, and also impair your digestion and nutrition absorption. People who have overcome addiction from caffeine-based products will experience negative side-effects from withdrawal of it, mainly because of how much their body relies on it.

So in conclusion, if you do drink caffeine-based drinks or are planning to, take into consideration the risks and how much you consume.

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