Are You Saying it Wrong?

Is your mother’s sister an aunt or an ant? As we all know, words can be pronounced differently depending on the person. Some words are pronounced differently based on people’s preferences.

For example, some people prefer to say “aunt” like it is written, while some people say it like they would call an “ant”, as in the small bug. But some words are plain out pronounced wrong. The word “often” is a good exapmle. The correct pronunciation is with a silent t, whereas some people say often, which is incorrect. 

I interviewed 10 people, including myself. Here are the results.

Cora R. Jordan Luca B. Eli L. Lily M. Nick N. Carole N. Anthony T. Val   N. LillyBelle T Which is correct?
Pajamas PajAmas Pajamas PajAmas  Pajamas  PajAmas  Pajamas  Pajamas  PajAmas  PajAmas PajAmas Preference
Apricot  Apricot  Aapricot   Apricot   Aapricot   Aapricot   Apricot   Aapricot   Apricot   Apricot Aapricot Preference
Caramel  CArame Caramel Caramel  Caramel CAramel  Caramel  CAramel  Caramel Caramel CAramel Preference
Espresso  Expresso  Expresso Expresso Espresso Espresso  Espresso  Expresso  Espresso  Espresso Expresso Espresso
Aunt Ant  Ant Aunt Aunt Aunt  Aunt  Aunt  Ant  Aunt Aunt Preference
Often  Often  Ofen Often Ofen Often Ofen  Often  Often  Ofen Ofen Ofen(Silent t)
Jewelry  Jewelery  Jewelery Jewelery Jewelery Jewelry  Jewelry Jewelery Jewelry Jewelry Jewlery Jewelry (No extra er)

As you can see, there are many mispronunciation of word. The word espresso, correctly pronounced with the s, is pronounced with an x by many. I pronounce it with an x as well.

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