How To Fix a Horrible Fantasy Football Season

If anyone knows how losing feels, it’s me. My fantasy football team is on a six-game losing streak. Don’t be like me, use this advice to turn a horrible season upside down.

1. Research

Chances are, you don’t know, and will never know as much about fantasy football as experts do. Because it’s THEIR JOB. Help them stay employed by reading their articles.

2. Take Advantage of the Clueless

Every league has at least one person who has no idea what they are doing. Offer them bad trades or give them some bad advice. There is a reason why Oprah never won her fantasy football league.

3. Bribery

Bribe your friends to give you good players, or bribe the league manager to change stats. The commissioner of our league said that he’d do anything for cookies. This proved to be true, when his friends offered him treats, he boosted their score by over a million.

4. Profit From Your Mistakes

If you are out of the playoffs, you could sell your best players to your friends and make some cash. If your league has a low entry fee, you could easily make your money back by trading your best players for money.

5. Use the Waiver Wire!

This is very important. Championships are won through good pickups. Check the wire frequently and don’t be afraid to pick up a good player and drop a bad one. 

6. Trash Talk Constantly

If you lose, at least you get the satisfaction of a couple good roasts. 

7. Trade Players for Future Draft Picks 

If your league allows it, or if you’re just a gangster, you could trade picks to get a better draft next year. I would hate this because you would have to wait a whole year to reap the benefits, but it is logical. 

8. Pick up Players with Similar Names as Good Players

Kareem Hunt is a good fantasy player on the Chiefs, Akeem hunt is a benchwarmer on the Chiefs, but can be an easy way to trick someone. Trade Akeem to an unsuspecting friend, (See Advice #2) and get a good player in exchange. Other examples: James Jones vs Julio Jones, John Brown and Jaron Brown.

9. Mix it Up!

Sometimes all you need is change in luck. Trade your whole team, change your team name, change your actual name, whatever it takes to start fresh. Swap out your bad luck for hopefully something better.

10. Just Give Up

If you really suck at fantasy football, just accept that it’s not your thing. Try a different fantasy sport. Who knows? Someone has a god- given talent for fantasy golf.

One thought on “How To Fix a Horrible Fantasy Football Season”

  1. Fantastic advice and great article, Otis. All this football season, I should have been asking for your advice in my pool. I am clueless! But, I did always pick the 🦅 with UL. Not that they won EVERY game! AT

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