Less Is More

A common problem that America has been facing is obesity. And honestly, I understand why. With a fast food restaurant or corner store at every turn, it is much easier to get a cheeseburger for one dollar and right nearby then a salad at a cafe for 10, where you have to walk a while to get it too. But one thing I’ve noticed in America’s food industry is proportions. And the large amount that they come in too.

Whenever I go out to eat, I normally end up bringing most of the food home. And if not, it’s because I got the appetizer sized proportion of the food item, or shared it with a family member. Since most of my meals are at home, I can regulate the proportions of food that I eat. But at a restarant, where the server is constantly checking in on you, one might feel pressured to “eat the whole thing” or “stuff themselves” or say that they are just “treating themselves”. Although it may seem like a choice, there is also pressure in the fact that the amount of food that they are serving you is the recommended size, even though sometimes if you look at it, the recommended size is ridiculous and unrealistic. You wouldn’t normally eat a whole cut of steak and a large potatoe and string beans all at home so why in a restaurant? So you can get your money’s worth? You know you can take some home, right.

With more and more people eating out, (and less and less people learning to cook), America is relying now more than ever on restarants to feed them. And when you look at the amount of food you really are getting, its’s no joke that America has issues with it’s obesity.

When talking to friends from other countries, I even found that the sizes and amounts of food in the stores were much larger in America. When I took my friend from England to the Whole Foods, we spent a whole two hours looking at the many aisles in the “large shop”. We valored at the many different options of popcorn and pickles and everything else you could want.

Just seeing a new perspective of food in america really baffled me. Maybe less really is more. And with one tap ordering, the food industry really is changing around us. So before you make yourself sick the next time you go out to eat, try and take some time to really enjoy your food. Trust me, your brain, body, (and wallet) will thank you.

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