Middle School Gossip

Middle School Gossip. It’s not a big deal but it is still going around and still putting people down. Shouldn’t we be to mature for this type of stuff? Aren’t we a community?

When GFS students were asked about Middle School Gossip and their thoughts, most of them replied with:”Gossip is a mean way of showing someone’s jealousy by putting words in their mouth and making up rumors about them.” I asked Sarah Li about what grade has the most gossip and she answered with this:”I think 8th Grade because they know each other better and have more defined opinions on them, but it really depends on that person.” This is a very interesting answer but others do think differently because they think that 8th grade should be to mature for that and that, so one GFS student said that “6th grade would have the most because they are new to middle school and think they have more power, but are still the least mature for Middle school.”

Middle School Gossip is different from lower school gossip in a way that people have a big change from 5th grade to middle school. And in lower school often you don’t hear about 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders really “Gossiping” All their talking about is their crushes. But 5th grade surprisingly is a big jump in terms of the way they feel about people. So one of the students here said that “Since they are the top of lower school going onto middle school, they now that they are kind of like the bosses. This is how middle school gossip differs from lower school gossip, and inside of middle school gossip, how the different grades vary  in gossip, and how

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