Russia: How Does It Impact Us?

by Peter Ilyin

Ever since The Russian Empire started in 1721, Russia has been an interesting and slightly malicious part of international relations. Russia has had a bloody past full of wars and tragedies. False beliefs and Propaganda, Russia has had a shady history.

When the revolution started, some saw this as hope. To get a closer look at the Soviet Union is very hard it was from the start with the iron curtain, but now it is even harder to get a look. Now the Soviet Union is just a mere memory that’s slowly being washed away. Though the Soviet Union managed to somewhat pull out of its droughts and famines, it still had a great cost on the people of Soviet Union. The Soviet experiment was bound to fail” –Mr. Figes

On June 24, 2016, the State Duma (the lower part of the Russian parliament) approved a bill that would drastically expand the capabilities of secret police to intervene in the common people’s lives, and extrajudicially penalize “extremist acts”. Later, the federation council approved and even Putin signed it. Putin also directs unfair propaganda use’s so even if he didn’t rig the elections or actually didn’t rig them he would still win; the thing is Putin has direct control over the media.However, the one thing is Russia’s leading party is RUSSIA UNITED which is not a communist party nor is it a fascist party. 

Ulyukayev the former Russian economic minister was convicted of accepting a 2 million bribe from an oil company to allow them to make an illegal transaction. Though the punishment was not a full or just verdict. They can influence our elections, one student said. Some of these are shrouded in mystery and conspiracy.

~Photo illustration by Peter Ilyin

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