Sashimi is Not Sushi!

by Dean D.

I’ve stumbled upon a large scale misconception in GFS. I went around and asked people what they think sashimi is, and here are some responses.

“Some crap.”

“I don’t give a crap.”

“Sushi.”  (a bunch of people voiced the same opinions)


“A mutant sheep did stuff with a sheep and had a mutant sheep baby.” (I think I was misheard)


“(confers with friend) Yeah.”

I finally found someone who had the slightest idea what the heck sashimi is, and here’s what they said: “Raw fish.” The answer is yes, but  there’s so much more to it. Sashimi is finely cut, filleted raw fish, and it is amazing. If prepared properly, it is the best food you’ll ever taste.  

Now at the risk of repeating myself, sashimi is not sushi. You may think that they are both just raw fish. True, they are both elements of Japanese cuisine, but sushi leaves more room for creativity. You focus less on the finesse of the knife, and allows for more ingredients. It is extremely hard to make sashimi, because your knife has to be diligently controlled so as to not damage the flavor.

Also, sushi doesn’t need to include raw fish. It can range from chicken to octopus. dont forget to mention vegtables!!! You can do anything with sushi, whereas options are fairly simple with sashimi. They are completely different things!

So sashimi is not sushi!!

Seriously, deal with it, you should know this by now.


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